hey y’all

My name is Brandi.                                                                                         

A little about who I am.. wife, mother, and trying to be homesteader. I say “trying” because this is my second summer gardening on this land, and both summers labor was washed away with three months of heavy downpours. grrr  I am a real person with real problems. But the deepest part of who I am, is a follower of Jesus. My journey with the Lord is the only thing that is certain in life. Three years ago, I had a heart desire to homestead, but no plan or money of how to go about getting started. I lived in a house on a sand lot in central Florida. Nothing really grows in sand, well…maybe cactus, but I wanted to grow food. I tucked four laying hens into a corner in the backyard, hoping no one would find out about my dirty little cluckers.

Although I didn’t know it then, but my fire was lit and growing. I started praying and seeking His wisdom. Guess what? God showed up big time, just like He always does for them that seek Him.